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WhatsApp Bot

We help businesses to build WhatsApp bots in Malaysia and other countries. 

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Bringing a Full Suite Of Chatbot Benefits to You

Automate all unnecessary processes

Create WhatsApp bot message workflow easily

Build your WhatsApp bot message without any coding experience. Create conversation workflow easily.

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Automate Customer Service FAQs

Automating all types of FAQs starting from understanding the questions posed by customers/visitors.

chatbot workflow automation

Reply With WhatsApp Chatbot

Build a chatbot within your WhatsApp number. This chatbot is able to capture leads and answer all the questions automatically anyone has for your company.

save time

Save Business Time & Effort

As you know that all time and efforts in business come at a cost. is able to help you to optimize your employees' time and efforts by automating FAQs using our omnichannel messaging platform.

1 Chatbot, 2 Flexible Options

Choose one of the following options

We Build WhatsApp Bot Workflow For You

If you find it difficult to use, you may reach out to us. We can build the WhatsApp bot workflow for you. Schedule a meeting with us so we can understand your requirement better. Starting price is US$199 per autoreply workflow.

You Build WhatsApp Bot Workflow Yourself

All you need to do is to sign up for an oChats account and start building the WhatsApp bot workflow by yourself without any coding experience. Start for free with our 14-day free trial now.

WhatsApp Bot Development Service

How do you define & charge WhatsApp Bot Workflow?

1 autoreply flow

1 WhatsApp Bot Workflow

This is considered as 1 WhatsApp bot workflow. When a conversation is opened, the WhatsApp bot flow will begin to work. Hence, we charge US$199 per WhatsApp bot workflow if we build it for you. WhatsApp bot flow is defined as an open conversation. As you can see, there is only 1 open conversation.

1 open conversation = 1 WhatsApp bot workflow

The more WhatsApp bot workflow you plan to build, the cheaper it gets. For eg, you can build 1 WhatsApp bot workflow for customer support and another WhatsApp bot workflow for sales support.

2 autoreply flow

2 WhatsApp Bot Workflows

These are considered 2 WhatsApp Bot workflows. As you can see, there are 2 open conversations. We charge US$199 per WhatsApp bot workflow / open conversation.

2 open conversation = 2 WhatsApp bot workflow

Please take note that we do not care how the branch is going to expand. We only charge based on the number of open conversations.

Workflow Module

autoreply messages with workflow automation

Build a rule-based CHATBOT to free up your team’s time

workflow automation design

Menu-based chatbot

Build a 24/7 chatbot by using automated rules created within workflow automation.

Chat routing 

Route every conversation to correct pre-assigned team members efficiently & accurately.

Tag contact automatically

Tag every contact with a specific tag. These tags can be used for filtering all conversations easier in the Contact module.

Qualify leads automatically

Stop wasting time to qualify your leads one by one. Automate it by using workflow automation.

Connect Channel Module

1 Click  Chatbot Deployment


Just deploy your chatbot by clicking 1 button across all connected messaging apps.

new ochats channel (middle)

Sign Up Process

WhatsApp Bot Development Service

Step 1


Purchase WhatsApp Bot Workflow Development Service

Step 2


Schedule an online meeting to plan the tailored content and workflows for your business.

Step 3


Setup an account with oChats. We will build this autoreply workflow/chatbot in oChats.

Step 4

Content Planning

Draft out all the contents and workflow. Once all of these are approved, we will move on to development stage.

Step 5


Execute the development of the workflow and contents in software.

Step 6


Perform a live test. Done!


WhatsApp Bot Workflow Development Service

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Data Secured

Your data is secured by AWS data protection protocol. AWS data protection services provide encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your accounts and workloads.

AWS Threat Detection & Continuous Monitoring

AWS identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behavior that might harm your data

AWS Compliance & Data Privacy

AWS gives you a comprehensive view of your compliance status and continuously monitors your environment using automated compliance checks based on the AWS best practices and industry standards your organization follows.

SSL Encryption

oChats data is encrypted both when it is sent to and from our servers as well as it rests.

Permission Access

oChats lets you decide who can access to your platform. You can also assign the level of access a person can access

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Frequent Asked Questions

It is one of the function built into software. It allows you to create automated reply message based on the response given by your customer.

You can automate your processes such as:

  • customer service FAQs
  • collecting lead from any interested prospect
  • follow-up on your prospect
  • automate your sales process

There are fees:

Yes, we do. We do provide this WhatsApp bot workflow development service based on quotation. Please schedule an appointment with us.

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