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WhatsApp Bot Malaysia

We help businesses to build WhatsApp bots in Malaysia and other countries. 

whatsapp bot malaysia


WhatsApp Bot Malaysia


professional branding

Responsive Reply With WhatsApp Button

Redesign how you reply to your customer so you can portray a better brand positioning. Also, increase customer confidence in your goods & services.

whatsapp bot malaysia

Reply With WhatsApp Chatbot

Build a chatbot within your WhatsApp number. This chatbot is able to capture leads and answer all the questions automatically anyone has for your company.

automate customer service

Automate Customer Service FAQs

Automating all types of FAQs starting from understanding the questions posed by customers/visitors. Train your chatbot to recognize, understand and diagnose the questions.

chatbot captures true intent

A.I. WhatsApp Bot Captures Accurate Question's Definition

Build train your WhatsApp bot with Google Dialogflow.

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WhatsApp Bot Malaysia

Simple & Straightforward Sign Up Process

Step 1


Sign up an account with oChats.

Step 2


Connect your oChats account to your WhatsApp API Provider from your dashboard

Step 3


Set up WhatsApp Business Account. Review the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. Choose a WhatsApp Display Name. Select a business category for your company

Step 4


Add a number not currently in use with a WhatsApp account. Verify phone number ownership via SMS or Voice Call. This will be your WhatsApp API Account phone number.

Step 5


Your account will be activated. Generate your WhatsApp API account key. Connect your WhatsApp API account to

WhatsApp Bot Malaysia

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Your data is secured by AWS data protection protocol. AWS data protection services provide encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your accounts and workloads.

AWS Threat Detection & Continuous Monitoring

AWS identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behavior that might harm your data

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AWS gives you a comprehensive view of your compliance status and continuously monitors your environment using automated compliance checks based on the AWS best practices and industry standards your organization follows.

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oChats data is encrypted both when it is sent to and from our servers as well as it rests.

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oChats lets you decide who can access to your platform. You can also assign the level of access a person can access

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Frequent Asked Questions

WhatsApp Bot is ana artificial intelligent chatbot development service which is built upon Google Dialogflow machine learning natural language processor and a software subscription. 

You can automate your processes such as:

  • customer service FAQs
  • collecting lead from any interested prospect
  • follow-up on your prospect
  • automate your sales process

There are fees:

You need to pay until your chatbot is smart enough to answer any type of questions posed by visitor at that country and the certain language.

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