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About Us

Small & Agile Team

Our Philosophy

Creating Marketing Excellence

our team


We are a tech company which provides a wide range of services ranging from advertising to software.

A team of 10 people

We are operating in a team with only 10 people. We believe automation is the key to business scalability & that’s why most of the services we offer to our corporate customers are all in automation processes.

Company background

Located in Malaysia

Our company is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Strong presence on global market

We have created a stage of brand presence across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, United States and more.
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Mission & Vision

Technology Empowerment

Technology Empowerment

We believe technology is here to make our lives easier. Hence, we intend to shape the world by influencing human lives one at a time.

Wealth Inequality Reduction

Wealth Inequality Reduction

The gap between the wealthy and the poor has never been higher before. Reducing the gap of wealth inequality is more important than ever. All of our products and services are focused on reducing wealth inequality.

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