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CRM Systems in Malaysia

oChats multi channel Channels

Merge all your business chats into our CRM systems in Malaysia. dashboard dashboard

CRM Systems in Malaysia

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Connect All Your Communication App in 1 Platform

> WhatsApp > Telegram > LINE > Facebook Messenger > Many more

oChats multi channel Channels

CRM Systems in Malaysia

Use Cases

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Broadcast Messages & Start Conversations

Send promotional updates, shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders and other notifications on WhatsApp using our API’s

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Bring Your Customer Support On WhatsApp

Engage with your customers on their favourite app & provide multi-agent customer support on WhatsApp

omnichannel chat software

Manage all communication channels in 1 platform

Integrate all your business communication channels with oChats software. Then, you can manage all incoming and outgoing chat messages in 1 platform.

CRM Systems in Malaysia

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Sign up an oChats account.

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Connect & integrate to your desired channels from oChats dashboard

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You are ready to go! Start chatting away with your visitors and customers. Manage multiple communication channels in 1 platform.

Enterprise Security Protection

Your data hosts at Amazon Web Service

Data Secured

Your data is secured by AWS data protection protocol. AWS data protection services provide encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your accounts and workloads.

AWS Threat Detection & Continuous Monitoring

AWS identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behavior that might harm your data

AWS Compliance & Data Privacy

AWS gives you a comprehensive view of your compliance status and continuously monitors your environment using automated compliance checks based on the AWS best practices and industry standards your organization follows.

SSL Encryption

oChats data is encrypted both when it is sent to and from our servers as well as it rests.

Permission Access

oChats lets you decide who can access to your platform. You can also assign the level of access a person can access

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