How to Grow Your Business with oChats

How to Grow Your Business with oChats?

Growing a business has never been easier. It is always a challenging task. One must think about strategy, execution, resources, plan, and more. Just by the sheer amount of work that needs to be done, businesses are trying their best not to over-optimize the processes or put an unnecessary burden on things that are already working smoothly. At, we do not hope to increase businesses’ burden at all. Instead, we hope to be the one who provides real value & positive optimization to businesses.

What is an oChats? dashboard

oChats is a software that allows businesses to connect to various messaging apps such as:

  • WhatsApp

  • Telegram

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Signal

  • Zalo

  • LINE

  • Instagram

  • Email

  • and more.

omnichannel customer experience

Why need to spend unnecessary money to subscribe to software that businesses can already access on their own for free?

With ever-increasingly complex and more messaging apps in the market, businesses need to manage all of the messaging apps with more manpower. Sometimes, it causes businesses to lose their potential customer because of slow response from the sales team. It also causes existing customers to be unhappy with the service provided by the businesses due to slow response time. Streamlining customer support and sales inquiries are crucial for businesses to propel. oChats can help businesses to save money for hiring and increase their profit margin with extra cash flow by automating and connecting all channels into 1 software. Tasks that are completed by 10 people can now be completed by 1 person (with automation in place).

oChats Examples and Success Stories

Yaeris is one of the companies that use oChats. This company provides an alternative way to advertising through mass broadcast messages. They use oChats as a customer service software and sales support software. They manage to grow their business from $1,200/year to $60,000/year. After they have used oChats, they have never missed any inquiries from potential customers. They also notice that their inquirers are often impatient and eager to get an answer right away.

People are educated by Google that they can have the answer they are looking for by searching in Google Search. Hence, this habit of seeking an immediate answer, instant gratification is being trained by Google and internet society.” by Yaeris.

Missing out on the potential customer can be more painful than ever before as it wastes a lot of advertising dollars.

How to Grow Your Business with oChats?

There are several ways businesses can maximize the use of oChats as a messaging platform. Here are some of the ways businesses can use:

  • Invite your employees to manage all incoming inquiries via oChats (for eg, customer service employees, sales reps, etc). You can even transfer a customer conversation from Sales Rep A to Sales Rep B. multiple team member access

  • Preset all the automated Quick Reply. This function is especially useful when you want to send out automated greeting messages or away messages.

  • Preset all Snippets. This function is saved businesses a lot of TIME by reducing the amount of typing time for sales reps or customer service reps. Employees do not need to type the answer which is frequently asked by the customer over and over again.

  • Send personalized broadcast messages to targeted/segmented recipients. Businesses can send marketing messages or promotional messages to inform the audiences. Broadcast messages

  • Respond quickly to all incoming messages regardless of whether the messages are referring to a problem message or inquiry message. This provides a great customer experience to existing customers and a higher chance of closing rate to a new potential customer. Based on Hubspot, 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences. Chat management

  • Tag every contact with custom tags for future use. These tags are used as a segmentation tool. Businesses can analyze their pool of customers and prospects based on the tag labeled with it. support ticketing system

  • Business owners can consolidate all their customer service teams and sales teams from different subsidiary companies in 1 location by using oChats. brand management system

There are more use cases for all sizes of businesses to use oChats. Businesses can reach out to oChats team via WhatsApp.


More and more people are using multiple messaging apps to communicate with their favorite brands and businesses. Having streamlined messaging software will help businesses to optimize their employees’ time and business resources.