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Live Chat Software For Website

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Set up and manage all your live chats on the website with our omnichannel live chat widget system in Malaysia. dashboard dashboard

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1 messaging platform for marketing, sales, support & engineering

Message Module

1 contact, 1 story 

1 contact contains every message, email, web chat & internal discussion. All functionalities are built for you to manage your story well.

Merge contact

Merge the same contact across different messaging apps for better management. Keeping every contact clean and organized.

Transfer a conversation to another team member

Enable your team to quickly transfer the conversation from 1 person to another and leave an internal note for reference purposes.

Add a custom tag

Manage every contact easily by inserting custom tags. Never miss any follow-up anymore.

Broadcast Module

Broadcast messages with 100% delivery rate 

Send PROMOTIONAL MESSAGES with WhatsApp API provides a 100% delivery rate & instantaneous delivery.

Create marketing campaign

Enable your team to launch and schedule any marketing easily. Your team can even include the button in the WhatsApp message to improve the clickthrough rate of your marketing campaign.

Personalized broadcast

Allow your team to send personalized marketing messages to increase marketing engagement.

Reach right people

Send highly personalized messages to targeted prospects and customers to the right messaging app. 

Optimize by channel

Leverage the unique traits of each channel. Make the most of every message with features like mixed media, templates and tags.

Workspace Module

1 Platform, Unlimited Companies 

Manage all incoming messages under your companies and brands using a single platform.

Managing all companies can be very expensive. We believe in providing real value to all businesses at an affordable rate. That’s why we have decided to provide unlimited workspaces for any businesses to manage all companies in 1 platform. Super convenient!

Don’t worry! Every workspace has its own unique contact module, message module, user permission module and more.

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Contacts Module

1 Platform, Unlimited Contacts from Different Messaging Apps

Never worry about expensive charges because of the high volume of contacts.

Contact channels

Every contact will be saved with the source of channels it comes from. Everything will be properly documented for your convenience.

Merge contacts

2 conversations of the same person from different messaging apps can be merged so your team can have an organized conversation and contact information from 1 person.

Custom contacts field

Create any contact field easily. Having a custom contact book designed specifically only for you.

Workflow Module

autoreply messages with workflow automation 

Build a rule-based CHATBOT to free up your team’s time

workflow automation design

Menu-based chatbot

Build a 24/7 chatbot by using automated rules created within workflow automation.

Chat routing 

Route every conversation to correct pre-assigned team members efficiently & accurately.

Tag contact automatically

Tag every contact with a specific tag. These tags can be used for filtering all conversations easier in the Contact module.

Qualify leads automatically

Stop wasting time to qualify your leads one by one. Automate it by using workflow automation.

supervisor dashboard

Admin Module

Supervisor Dashboard  with Helicopter View

Save your time juggling from 1 messaging app after another. Have a Helicopter View with

Analyse all conversations

Gain long-view perspectives on team, conversation and overall messaging performance. On a single page, learn which Users are exceeding expectations, conversation response and resolution time trends.

Determine user permission

Assign unique permission for every team member by giving permission access on certain modules only.

Full control over everything

Having a full control on every team member's access has never been easier before. Revoke their access if user has resigned from your company.

Connect All Messaging Apps  in 1 Platform

Never miss any lead anymore

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1 Messaging Platform & Access By Everyone

No more switching between teams, and messaging apps.

All Channels, 1 Platform.

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Live Chat Software for Website

Bringing all messaging benefits  to you

Suitable for marketing, sales, support & engineering department

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Broadcast Messages & Start Conversations

Send promotional updates, shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders and other notifications on WhatsApp using our API’s

chatbot workflow automation

Automate all incoming inquiries with autoreply message

Autoreply all incoming messages with a proper workflow and create a great engagement rate in the process.

omnichannel chat software

Manage all communication channels in 1 platform

Integrate all your business communication channels with oChats software. Then, you can manage all incoming and outgoing chat messages in 1 platform.

Simple & Straightforward Sign Up Process

Live Chat Software for Website

Step 1


Sign up an oChats account.

Step 2


Connect & integrate to your desired channels from oChats dashboard

Step 3


You are ready to go! Start chatting away with your visitors and customers. Manage multiple communication channels in 1 platform.

Let's Go To The Future

What happens after you adopt this structure?

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Manage everything at scale

You can invite any number of employees to manage and reply to thousands of inquiries at scale easily. No more missing out on any potential leads which could contribute to your actual sales!

Let's Go To The Future

What happens after you adopt this structure?

comparison of messaging structure 2

Manage everything at scale

You can invite any number of employees to manage and reply to thousands of inquiries at scale easily. No more missing out on any potential leads which could contribute to your actual sales!

Sync Across Devices

Available in iOS & Android

sync across devices

Reply on-the-go

Now you can reply to your business messages at anytime and anywhere. Download mobile app now.

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Enterprise Security Protection

Your data hosts at Amazon Web Service

Data Secured

Your data is secured by AWS data protection protocol. AWS data protection services provide encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your accounts and workloads.

AWS Threat Detection & Continuous Monitoring

AWS identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behavior that might harm your data

AWS Compliance & Data Privacy

AWS gives you a comprehensive view of your compliance status and continuously monitors your environment using automated compliance checks based on the AWS best practices and industry standards your organization follows.

SSL Encryption

oChats data is encrypted both when it is sent to and from our servers as well as it rests.

Permission Access

oChats lets you decide who can access to your platform. You can also assign the level of access a person can access

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